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EV Charger Point Installation Solutions for the Workplace in Derby, Derbyshire and throughout the UK

EV Charger Install Solutions for the Workplace in Derby, Derbyshire and throughout the UK
EV Charger Point Installation solutions for the workplace in Derby, Derbyshire and throughout the UK.

It is becoming increasingly expected for all organisations to behave with consideration regarding the impact that they have upon the environment.

When considering that approximately 99% of UK businesses are SME’s, this issue is more than just the responsibility of large blue chips.

Companies of all sizes should place environmental best practices at the forefront of overall strategy and business activity.

Understandably, making the work place more environmentally friendly reduces sickness and increases output whilst supporting local communities.

As an example, Tidyco head office has invested in state-of-the-art LED lighting, solar panel energy production, office ERV technology as well as heat pump water heating solutions whereby the organisation received a D2 energy efficiency certificate from the City Council.

Obviously, the company has installed a range of EV charger points throughout its comprehensive on-site parking facilities where the fleet of company vehicles are electric.

Tidyco can supply and install the complete range of Rolec EV charger points suitable for an eclectic mix of commercial environments and properties.

Such areas include; offices, manufacturing plants, production facilities, industrial plants through to garages and showrooms.

Tidyco can support commercial businesses regarding being eligible for Government grant funding through OLEV.

Additional services include:
Tube Bending
Climate Control
Auto Electrical
Hose Doctor


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Working in partnership with all stakeholders towards a greener, cleaner future.

From EV charger point installation through to energy efficient and environmentally friendly commercial cooling and heating solutions.

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Working towards a greener, cleaner future.

EV Charge Point Installation Services from Tidyco

Tidyco is an approved supplier and installer of Rolec EV charging points.